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 The WolfTeam snipeing guide

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PostSubject: The WolfTeam snipeing guide   Sat May 08, 2010 8:10 am

What is good about Sniping in Wolf Base/What are some tips?

-Well, sometimes wolves hide behind boxes like at Paien Lab's C. Only the tips of their head are exposed, and a sniper can easily hit this target.

-You can get an OK amount of kills but VERY low deaths if you perfect sniping in Wolf Base.

-If you use stout, then noscope when they come close to you. Dont try to scope VS close wolves. It blocks off all your vision. Except that tiny circle which is magnified 4X.

-Dont even try to noscope with AWP. Dont even try it, unless they are taking up your whole screen (1 foot or less away)

-When using Sniper, ALWAYS HAVE A GOOD HANDGUN. I recommend the Criss-WT because of it's fully automatic mode, and decent firepower.

-Try hitting them once with AWP then switching to Criss when they get close.

-Do NOT use stout primary. [I actually do, and im stupid for this] Reason ? You cant break a Guardian Wolf Spam with stouts. Its possible, but dont try.

Thank me or Rep me if useful

For Paienlab:
- When sniping try to lure them into the tunnels near the windows, this would be a perfect time to get a headshot.

-With Guardians keep in mind that even though they have around 950 hp (with extra), they are extremely slow (as fast as a guy holding a knife). So when going against Guardians lure them into tunnels, this will limit their possible movements, so try to get a couple headshots. If they get to close turn around and run (knife or pistol on) or if they're guarding switch to knife and run to other end and shoot or run away.

-Rely on sound, if you're shooting from your tower and hear footsteps run (jump out the window) and run into the tunnel. Most people will follow, so just get a bit of space and wait.

- Its better to stay behind machine gunners, you'll help out more that way. (If you're close it'll be hard to get a hit but with machine guns they can give a few hits easily.)

-When shooting don't stand still, keep backing up while you aim.

-Listen for roars, the louder they are the closer the wolves are.

-Learn to aim for the head, getting HSs are a real big help when fighting wolves (mainly for stout users)

-Wait for them to jump/double slash, when they jump up and do their double slash there is a half second delay where they just stay in the air, use this moment to aim and shoot.

Thank me if useful
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The WolfTeam snipeing guide
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