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 Solo savage guide for Cronous

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PostSubject: Solo savage guide for Cronous   Sat Oct 16, 2010 10:49 pm

BASIC skills
TWOHAND MASTERY max as soon as possibile
DODGE max as soon as possibile
ACCURACY max as soon as possibile (but at lvl 39-40 redistribute all but 1 to other skills)
HEALTH RECHARGE put 1 point after level 70

SAVAGE skills
STONE SKIN max as soon as possibile
SPIRIT TRAINING max as soon as possibile
SPINNING ATTACK start investing points from lvl 50 slowly (start at lvl 20 if u have cro for mana and health pots)
QUICK STEP put 1 point after lvl 40
LION HEART put 1 point after lvl 60
SHOUT OF ANGRY put first point after level 60 and keep improving it until max


As soon as possibile find SCYTHE +8 or BARDICHE +8 (or higher) with good cronous cro stats (blue or green) and stick to it until lvl 65.
At lvl 65 equip SEOHWANG AXE (as much + as u can find).
That's all about weps. Stout`s Hammer and Merciles Glaive are useless.
Want to know more,go to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Solo savage guide for Cronous
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