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 Wolfteam Guide

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PostSubject: Wolfteam Guide   Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:36 am

Hello guys, this is a guide about wolfteam (Rank guide,guns,most things you need to know about it)

1:1 Gameplay
1:2 GameModes
1:3 Wolf Info
1:4 Weapon Info

Every time you kill an opponent, you will earn "Weapon Points" (WP). Weapon Points are required to purchase your weapon sets at the start of each round. The starting weapon set adds 50 WP, while the others subtract. Other customizable weapon set prices are determined by what kind of weapons are included in it. WP is persistent throughout a game session but weapons purchased with WP will disappear after you die, requiring you to re-purchase your weapon set after respawning. The maximum WP a player can hold is 2500.

Each consecutive enemy you kill without dying earns you a killing streak. Your streak ends when you die. The different stages of the streak are:

Baby Wolf (200 WP)
Battle Wolf (225 WP)
Elite Wolf (250 WP)
Blood Wolf (275 WP)
Monster Wolf (300 WP)
Death Wolf (325 WP)
Master Wolf (350 WP)
Perfect Wolf (375 WP)

Weapon sets are customizable by purchasing additional items in the Shop with gold which is earned at the end of each round. There are four weapon slots at the moment with which to add items. The primary slot is used for a primary weapon, such as a rifle, shotgun, or rocket launcher; the secondary slot is currently used only for pistols; the last two slots are used for special items, which is currently limited to grenades. Additional items will be added in the final release, such as power-ups.

There is 5 Game Modes totaly

Base Capture Mode
There will be 5 Bases built being divided by blue team and red team.
How To Win
Witchever team wins all or more bases wins. The master of a base changes as a player stays there until the base is captured, the more players stays at the base the faster it will be captured.

Team Deathmatch Mode
Win and lose are decided by your teams kill points, your team has to obtain more kills then the other team to win
How To Win
The team with the most kills win, the player that obtain highest kill points will be called king if you kill him you obtain 2 kills

Bomb Plant Mode
Red team: try to plant the bomb
Blue team: try to defuse the bomb
How To Win
Red team will win if the bomb explodes, if the bomb gets defused blue team will win

Human Vs Wolf Mode
Base Capture Mode.
Red team takes human role and blue team takes wolf role there is 5 bases in map
How To Win
If red team takes all bases in limited time they win, but if red team dosnt have any base blue team will win.

Conquest Mode (Human VS Wolf)

Wolf Selection It is a game where you have to capture territories. To win, you must capture all 5 bases or have more than the opposing team when the time expires.

In Human VS Wolf, Red Team will play humans while Blue Team will play wolves. If you are on the Blue Team you have three additional wolves to choose from (Power, Guardian, Ghost) that are exclusive to this game mode. Some wolves have a special ability like block or hide.

Wolf Info

Wolf - WP:+50 - HP:200(+99) - Power:Normal - Howl:Normal - Speed:Normal - Special:Block
PowerWolf - WP:-250 - HP:300(+99) - Power:High - Howl:High - Speed:Normal - Special:None
GuardianWolf - WP:-600 - HP:800(+149) - Power:High - Howl:High - Speed:Slow - Special:Block
GhostWolf - WP:-500 - HP: 200(+99) - Power:High - Howl:Normal - Speed:Fast - Special:Invisiblity

EM-16 A2 - Full Auto - Low dmg(Mid) - 550m - Weak Recoil - Very High Acc
EM-4 A1 - Full Auto - Low dmg(Low) - 360m - Weak Recoil - Very High Acc
FANAS - ------ - ------ - ----- - ----- - ----- ----
XEM-8 - Auto/2/3 - Low dmg(Mid) - 400m - Weak Recoil - High Acc
EF-2000 PT - Auto - Mid Dmg(High) - 550m - Weak Recoil - High Acc
EF-2000 WT - Auto - Mid Dmg(High) - 550m - Weak Recoil - High Acc
MEC-11 - Auto - Very Low Dmg(Mid) - 50m - Mid Recoil - Low Acc
PI-90 - Auto - Low(Very High) - 200m - Mid Recoil - Very Low Acc
AKEI-47 PT - Auto - High(Mid) - 200m - Mid Recoil - Mid Acc

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Wolfteam Guide
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