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 How To Hack An Cola Machine

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PostSubject: How To Hack An Cola Machine   Fri Jul 09, 2010 2:35 pm

Coke machine crack

Cola vending machines are everywhere. They have increasingly small computer on board, with LEDs that show little messages like "Ice Cold" etc. But there is more to do with that built computers. Included in the operating system of such machines is a debug menu that gives you access to all sorts of machine information and can maybe even free cokes in older machines.

On what machines does this work?
There is a very strict list of vending machines that have the debug menu. In the first place must be of the Coca Cola Company ®, which is often the case. You can recognize the big picture first, this image must be something with: Coke, Dasani (Water), Barq's Root Beer, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Evlan (water), Fanta, Fresca, Frutopia, Hi-C , Sprite Remix, Mad River, Mello Yello, Minute Maid, Nestea, Odwalla, Mr.. Pibb / Pibb Xtra, Planet Java, Power Ade, Seagram's Ginger Ale, Simply Orange, Sparkletts. The machine must also be equipped with an LED screen. Some of the older ones to see the price of the product when you press a choice, will not have the debug menu. It works almost exclusively on the screen when a message is shown as "Ice Cold Cokes". Newer machines are more likely.

Access to THE MENU
To the menu to a button combination.

[4] - [2] - [3] - [1]

The buttons are numbered depending on how they are placed. They are vertical, then the first button below the button # 1 # 2, etc. are in horizontal rows over the leftmost button # 1 and # 2 right there, etc. Furthermore, work like a typewriter. In rows of 4 Button # 5 will be the first in row 2. So you get something like:

$ 1.00 ------
[Coke] <- This last
[Coke] <- The second button
[Cherry Coke] <- This button when third
[Sprite] <- This button first

If you entered the code, something will come of text to stand. If nothing happens, your machine does not have menus.

To navigate from option to option (exactly what the options are is next section) in the menu you have these buttons:
Button [1] - Exit / Back
Button [2] - Up
Button [3] - Down
Button [4] - Select

Depending on the age of the system you get a certain number of standard options.
On older systems: SALE, VER, EROR, and RTN
On newer systems: CASH, SALE, EROR, and RTN

CASH - Automatic Income Display

The CASH option shows how much money exists in the automaton. It generally takes a second or two to load. From here you can scroll up and down by 12 or 16 different options, depending on the age of the machine. These include options to see how much money was spent on each item on sight.

SALE - Total Sale Count
The SALE option shows how much in total sales from the vending machine. This will add up after filling, but can also be reset from within. Again you have a number of sub-options where you can see the total amount of each item sold, the same as the CASH option.

VER - System / Machine Version
This is the version number of the machine and the version number of probably the operating system. It does not vary with each machine.

EROR - Error Log
There are 8 different types of error, namely: Coljé (Column Jams), Vend (Vend Mechanism), by (With Switch), washers (Select Switch), CHAR (Changer Errors), acceleration (Acceptor Errors), StS (Space-to -sales errors), and bval (Bill Validators). The various errors are useless bahalve if you can not get inside, but you can remove the error by button # 4 about 2 seconds into account.

RTN - Return
This is just the return function, you will exit the menu. An easier way to exit the coin return button.

When you "Money Back" button you will content the temperature of the machine can see. Displayed in degrees Fahrenheit.

** Update **
There are more menu options but here you only if they are turned into the computer inside.

CPO - Money Back Mode
You can use different kinds of money to give back. In one of the sub-menus, you can choose what type of coin will be returned there.

tVFL - Tube Fill Mode
This is useless for you, it is the function to change to refill, you can not from outside.

TEST - Test Routines
In this menu option allows different routines:
SE to test the buttons. Will give you number of button when you press them.
SP Sold-out test.
Su Sold-out switch test.
CO Motor test. Different engines will be tested internally.
Cn Coin test. If you have a coin and the machine will show what kind of coin it is.
nA Note acceptor test. Same as Cn, but for bills.
dSP Display test. Will illuminate various LEDs.
vErS version number will be displayed.

RELY - Relay Test
This tests the electronic components inside. Do not, because it will cause damage if not unplugged before usage.

PASS - Password
To this end you can not normally accessible, but it allows you to enter the password, (4-2-3-1) to change.

PrIC - Price Setting
You can use the price of a drink. Not sure how it works but it seems simple enough.

Stoos - Space-to-sales routine
Here you can change the STS routine and a few other options. This means that all the different buttons now but one column instead of spending all different. This changed again when a column is empty.

COn - Machine Configuration / Permissions
This is the machine config menu that provides options to which you all can come through the button panel on the outside. This is probably only accessible from the inside with the door open. I will not go into details but I discuss what the various sub-options do: C1 will set price menu, C2 special (manufacturer) options on), C3 "ICE COLD COKE" message will no longer appear. C4 will automatically show the menu when the door is opened, C5 is door switch status, C6 "future use", or C7 configures your money stays inside for 5 minutes or forever, C8 is Force Sales, you can now more C9 colas get your money (eg give in and buy euros 2 3 colas and then get your change back.), and C10 is "Forbid Borg.

CCoC - Only pay the exact amount on / off
Lets you choose whether you pay cash or you can change back.

TIME - Time Adjustment
Configure the time of the system.

LANG - Language
There are apparently more languages than English on the machine, here you can choose.

Unless you're behind the door of the machine can get there is little to do except impress your friends. But when the C-switches properly, you can program the device so that you may manipulate the price can change, can get free Coke's get one or two pay actions can set. And remember, knowledge is power. One step closer to free cans!
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How To Hack An Cola Machine
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