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 Savage Guide

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PostSubject: Savage Guide   Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:54 pm

Here is Savage skill guide.If you have just started playing a Savage, then this is the portion you should read.

Savage Skill
1- Shout (Might want to add more later on like level 70+)
10- Spin/*Later you`ll want to get to 20
1- PowerBreak (Can be optional but get's better later in Cronous when you are partying with Anyone)
20- Stone Skin (Should be one of the first thing's to max)
1- WindBlade (Mostly for PvP purposes)
1- QuickStep (Lots of controversy about getting 11 or 4 or 1 just leave it at 1 because with +skill at level 60+ it will make it at least Level 2 Speed which IMO is fast enough)
10- Spirit Training
5- Lion's Roar

Basic Skill
1- Accuracy
1- Dodge (Optional doesn't help very much unless you have a support Savage with you)
10- 2h Mastery (Should be first thing you max out)

* Spin should be maxed out once you start maxing out Spirit Training and Lion's Roar
All these skill's should be alloted by level 76(Level that Lion's Roar is maxed out -The final skill to be maxed out-)
Now save 8 point's before level 90 and when you do hit level 90 add 3 point's to Beserker Attack and 5 to the HP/MP Boost skill.

Now for equipment. +def armour past level 45 is key. Use Antique when you get level 60 and use till level 80, then use Cornu and Sacred armour's and then Voodoo.
Weapon should be +8 or better 2h Weapon till level 65 then switch for either a Torr or Seowhang Axe and they will be your main weapon's till you Reborn when it get's implemented.
Accesory's should be full set Avalon's to what you can weild. At level 60 use Shade's and Vepress along with x3 +5 Avalon Pendant's then just Enchant you Shade's and Vepress and buy new Avalon Pendant`s accoring to your level till 80, then it's up too you what you wear.

Hope that helps.

Credits: MrBrightside
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Savage Guide
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